The Pictures You use Online Represent You, Your Company, your Brand, Your Ideas & your Message

STOP CopyCats From Stealing Your Web Images Ever Again.


“Imitation is the highest form of pissing me off.  Quit stealing my content and violating my copyright.”  ~ Jen T. Verbumessor


Dear fed-up IMer,


Copyright theft is a big problem. Bigger than you realize. The internet is so vast that you actually have no idea who could be using your personal family pictures, business brands or your actual name to be selling their stuff/lying to people about their identity. Riding on the back of your success and using your creative ideas as if they thought of it first. Very dangerous.


Since Search engines constantly demand fresh new content and most people can rank themselves highly in Google via Google images alone, it is no wonder that those unwilling to create it themselves from scratch have been known to steal other people’s content and pass it off as their own.  


This is especially scary if you are an original artist, designer or photographer who gets paid for the ideas you post and are hoping to become famous from the work you do. What are you supposed to do when someone can just grab your image off your page, tweak it a bit and claim that they designed it?


“There’s Nothing You Can Do To Keep Your Images Safe.... Oh Yes You Can Starting Now!



Images are stolen off the web everyday from Facebook to websites and up until now there has been a huge debate online as to how you can protect those images in a way that doesn’t require alot of coding, effort, time or money.


Up until now, there hasn’t been much you could do unless you really knew how to do it entirely by yourself, image by image. But I am about to save you a whole lot of time, effort, panic and worry....


Introducing -








This is an amazingly simple wordpress plugin that protects all your images posted in a page.


How it works:


You install the plugin, choose the type of protection you want to use for all/any of the images added to the pages:

a)  by either slicing the images

b)  or adding an extra layer ON the image so the real image cannot be copied

c)    or watermark the image.

The Following Video Shows You Exactly What Happens When The Thief Tries To Copy The Image URl/Steal Image.




“One Simple Plugin & You and Your Work Are Safe & Protected.”


So as you can see from the above, easy to follow video, this plugin will ensure your safety whether it is a personal blog you are doing or a business branded one - you will be safe.


   How much would it mean to you to know that you’re not the face of some scary or illegal product in Hong Kong?

   Or that you’re not part of an elaborate youtube parody?

   Or that your self-designed proud logo is not being used to make money somewhere in the UK?

   Or that your content ideas were yours only?

   Or that your favorite photoshop work, design work or photos are not being used for credit somewhere in the world?


Keep yourself safe and install this plugin, it will be the most logical thing you do. Plus, it means no matter what you embark on - either business, personal or pleasure -



You Do Not Have To Worry About Someone Exploiting Your Memories, Your Work, Your Ideas Or Your Designs.”



Instead, save yourself hassle and fear and for the first time ever ....

get it here -






                    Get Creative. Get Protected.







This plugin is fully functional in that it only gives you options that are the ONLY things that effectively work to stop people saving or work as their own!

Other methods have been tried and tested, have cost you a fortune or a heap of time and thieves are still smart enough to find a way around it and steal your work anyway!


No one wants to be ripped off but it’s inevitable if you don’t invest in this plugin today that’s a fact that I can’t say any other way.






These are the only things that work to really protect your image with no other way to copy them.


And working out how to achieve this for all of your images by yourself, (unless you enjoy extra work and are an IT genius) can only cause you lots of unnecessary strain and effort. NO NEED!!! Get the plugin and it will do all the hard work for you. as you witnessed in the video - 



“It’s a simple matter of a few clicks, choosing what protection you want and BAM!”

Life Protected.



Now you can create whatever you want without worrying where or with whom it will end up!!!


Start relaxing, save your energy and get Turbo ImageProtector Today!!


You can now keep all your work for you!


No more thieves!

No more copycats!

No more worry!


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To your safety always,

Brian Collins